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Monday, September 21, 2015

THE LAST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE - My Life with Ovarian Cancer

LORALIE Sculpture / Ambassador Renate / ARK in Berea
That would be August 12th, 2015.
It started out as just another beautiful Sunshiny summer morning at the ARK in Berea. Everyone including Mickey and Rebel were happy to be alive and excited to enjoy what the day had to offer.I had a pleasant internet chat with Baba Brohi, Pakistan Peace Emissary about events on September 21, and International Peace Day.
LORALIE Environmental Art Sculpture /  Ambassador Renate / ARK in Berea
We always try to enjoy living everyday so in the early afternoon we took a break and went down in Metro Parks by the MSR behind the ARK in Berea to Rocky River at a place we call Om. The river at Om is a place of solitude, tranquility, inspiration and a place I have used to maintain a sound body, mind and spirit and today was no exception. For over 40 years we played, swam and fished here, on that hot afternoon the waters were cool and relaxing wading and playing with Mickey. As we sometimes do we made a stone river sculpture I called ‘Lorelei’. People ask why we make Environmental Art in the middle of nowhere that no one will see, that has no monetary value and will disappear in a few days. If you have to ask why?, don’t ask now.

Later that afternoon I finished work by re-editing and sending in the Press Release for “Cleveland's 4th Annual International Peace Day 2015 - A Week-Long Celebration”.
LORALIE Environmental Art Sculpture / Ambassador Renate Jakupca / ARK in Berea
That night as I lay down to sleep, an undetected  Ovarian Cancer cyst would burst, silently and painlessly spreading its poison that would quickly and forever change the way I would live the rest of my Life.
This years 2015 International Peace Day is a culmination of events for me that started when the United Nations invited David and I and out Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts to participate in the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summit’s message — that nothing less than a transformation of our attitudes and behavior would bring about the necessary changes — was transmitted by almost 10,000 on-site journalists and heard by millions around the world. In 1993 in Vienna, Austria, President Jimmy Carter and Geraldine Ferraro, US Delegates to the UN Conference on Human Rights would set the stage for the Theory of Iceality to participate in all UN Worlds Conferences until they were discontinued in 2007, reaching billions of people in a still growing audience.
Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts
"Ringing the Free Bell" After being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in Aug 2015, I was proclaimed cancer free after finishing my Chemo Therapy Treatment in Jan 2016, and eligible to Ring the Free Bell as I left the Metro Health Cancer Center. Would have never made it without the help of my husband, family, friends, dog, cat, nurses, and Dr. Kimberly Resnick! Their encouragement and positive thinking helped me get through this! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
“Cleveland's 4th Annual International Peace Day 2015 - A Week-Long Celebration”

This September 21, 2015 International Peace Day in Cleveland I will always remember not only for all the good it will bring to All the Worlds Children, but also because it will be the first day of my Chemo Therapy.

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