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Building the National Coast-to-Coast 'Great American Peace Trail' to Unite America and Stem the Violence in America's Youth

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Friday, January 19, 2018



a Gift of Peace from Germany
to America


to build the
National Coast-to-Coast
'Great American Peace Trail'to unite all the people

The Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) is an original sculpture conceived during EXPO 2000, the World’s Fair held in Hannover, Germany by American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca. It was designed and built at the historic ARK in Berea as a project of the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA). Provenance of the WCPM subject sculpture places its conception at Germany's World's Fair, EXPO 2000's 'Culture on the Move' segment.  American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca addressed the 140 Nation Assembly of the concept for a physical permanent universal symbol of renewal and peace on earth for all living inhabitants through the 'Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts'. This Universal Symbol of Living Peace was the subject sculpture.  This project was initiated in cooperation with the United Nations 2000 Culture of Peace Program and organized in support of the UN Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The incorporation of the rights of flora and fauna in a "Universal Peace Equation" is the first major change in achieving a sustainable global Culture Peace on Earth in over 2000 Years.  http://theicea.com/page 33
The WCPM was officially inaugurated in 2003 at the 3rd World Peace Conference held in Verbania, Italy where it received an Italian Medal of Arts Award. The WCPM Project is to encourage positive community participation through the establishment of international site-specific works of public art, through cultural education and entrepreneurial training to children around the World.   
The WCPM is another step forward to nationalizing ‘Great American Peace Trail’, the coast-to-coast trail of WCPM Peace Stones in city parks designed to stop the violence in 
children and unite America.                                 

Our DEUTSCHLANDJAHR USA project concerns the erecting of Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) Peace Stones in every city, town and village in America.  The WCPM is the peace gift from Germany to the USA conceived at EXPO 2000, the World’s Fair held in Germany. 
Collectively, they will form the National Coast-to-Coast 'Great American Peace Trail' to stem the Violence in America's Youth and Unite America.FOR DEUTSCHLANDJAHR USA:
1)-  We would provide gift certificates for WCPM Peace Stones to DEUTSCHLANDJAHR USA to be freely distributed throughout the year from your website or at your convenience to President Trump, governors, mayors, council members, civic leaders, business exec, teachers, parents, kids, etc.

2)-  At the Christkindlmarkt Cleveland  on December 15th, 2018 at German Central Park, there will be a ‘Gifts from Germany’ Christmas Pageant featuring DEUTSCHLANDJAHR USA, the Worlds Children Peace Monument, the 200 year anniversary of the song, Silent Night, and other Christmas traditions from Germany.
The WCPM Project echoes the dialogue between people and cultures of the Theme of EXPO 2000, "Humankind - Nature - Technology: A new world arising" with the goal of establishing a place where people are encouraged to develop their own unique individual skills and talents for themselves, their community, nation and the world. It is intended to demonstrate the areas in which Germany and other countries complement one another as partners at EXPO 2000 and can work towards a sustainable culture of peace for all living things in the human, animal and plant kingdoms – all the WORLDS CHILDREN.  The WCPM Project conveys a multifaceted purpose through Iceality in all areas relevant to a global society – from culture, business and industry, science, education, politics and sports. Germany and the United States are bound by a centuries-long common history. German immigrants have helped shape the development of the United States, while the successful development of EXPO 2000 is inextricably linked to US engagement, the WCPM Project campaigns to builds on this success story for all.
In addition, this exchange aims to achieve the following objectives: • 1: Make modern-day peace making accessible on an emotional level • 2: Emphasize similarities between the two countries for cooperation • 3: Develop and reach out to new youth groups nationwide • 4: Expand partnerships in order to resolve future global issues for All the Worlds Children.

The WCPM Project is broad-based to be able to reach out to the following groups: • Decision-makers and important, established, and potential partners in social  society, politics, business and industry, culture, media, science, and education • Youth from the rural centers, along the coasts, and people living in the American heartland and suburbs • Young people, students, young professionals. • Americans with German roots or close ties to Germany through local and national German Organizations, International NGO’s.  To appeal to these groups, the WCPM Project emphasizes on the following protocals: • Location: specific arrangements firmly established in a variety of cities to connect with existing networks and build new ones • Presentations involving exhibits such as festival and mobile stage with pop-up components that are also able to reach youth groups in rural area beyond large cities • Digital and internet related media: online, social media, and traditional media as strategic modules.

Time to Grow-up German Children Tell World Leaders: ‘You cannot buy another planet'   They say that out of the mouths of babes come pearls of wisdom. That was true of the young Germans gathered for a WCPM Global Youth Symposium held in conjunction at the German Central Park during the Cleveland 2017 German American Festival. The goal of the session was to motivate German organizations from the Stadtverband to work with local partners to energize everyone through hands on service.  Full Story:  http://bereabuzz.blogspot.com/2017/06/time-to-grow-up-worlds-children-tell.html
The WCPM Project in principle and practicability, aligns with the context and the interests of citizens and groups in the United States to meet the compelling needs for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues. Even though we remain open to additional themes, the following thematic threads of Iceality are organized into three divisions:  Environmental, Humanities, Arts and Culture most at this stage: • 1: Freedom, diversity, • 2: Digitization, innovation, and ingenuity • 3: Energy, climate, and sustainability • 4: Research, science, and education • 5: German heritage and Traditions • 6: Arts and Culture. • 7 Peaceful Principles and Lifestyle for All the Worlds Children by following ICEA's mission on the Theory of ICEALITY on Environmental Arts, that is to "Assist in understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and culture  ultimately promoting a sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things in the Human, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.   

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