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Monday, March 17, 2014

American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca offers condolences to those affected by the loss of a Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

ARK in Berea:  American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca  expresses condolences over loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The Ambassadors said:
"We are deeply concerned to hear that the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing may an intentional terrorist incident . Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the families, friends and especially the children of all those affected at this terrible time. On behalf of all at the Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) worldwide working for Peace, we keep hope alive and we are all here for you during this difficult time as we wait to hear more definitive evidence of what has happened."

"Peace is eternal, and love is immortal. And death is only a boundary line in Life, And a boundary line is nothing, Just the limit of our Sight - Peace Friends." Ambassador Renate.
Provenance of the subject sculpture places its conception at Germany's World's Fair, EXPO 2000's 'Culture on the Move' segment.  American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca addressed the 140 Nation Assembly of the concept for a permanent universal symbol of renewal and peace on earth for all living inhabitants through the 'Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts'.
This 'Universal Symbol of Living Peace' was the WCPM sculpture. This project was initiated in cooperation with the United Nations 2000 Culture of Peace Program and organized in support of the UN Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
The Science Behind Peace and Global Harmony is the "Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts."  Which is the practical study on the aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things ~  Human, Plant and Wildlife Kingdoms!*

Artists express hope: Students gather around a three dimensional artwork, based on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, that was painted on a school ground in Makati city. According to the artists, the artwork is their way of expressing sympathy towards the relatives of passengers onboard the missing Boeing 777-200ER

Thoughts and prayers: Children write a message at the Wall of Hope for the passengers of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia
Winged Peace
Worlds Children Peace Monument
Support: Thousands of people have written messages of support on a wall at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, for passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

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*The incorporation of the rights of flora and fauna in a "Universal Peace Equation" is the first major change in achieving a sustainable global Culture of Peace on Earth in over 2000 Years.

Universal Peace Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca