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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Quotes for Living in Peace Every Day by Ambassador Renate Jakupca

Quotes for Living in Peace Every Day by Ambassador Renate Jakupca

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"Living courageously means being bold in pursuit of Peace through Iceality, following your heart, taking some risks, and not allowing fear to keep you from doing your absolutely Best"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"You know, doing what's right gives you a satisfaction than nothing else can give you"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"When you try to bring all nations together, it is the individual that count"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"It is hard work saving the World
"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Discover how to make your feelings line up with the truth found ina Iceality of Peace"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Peace must be more than a theory or a word; it has to be action. It must be seen and felt. A sustainable global culture of Peace is and has always been an attainable quest for all Living Things - The Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts teaches us how to live in Peace. When we do this, Life is exciting, beautiful and rewarding"  ~ Ambassador Renate  

"Fear is a dead end, but Peace through Iceality always has a future"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Practice Peace through Iceality Aggressively"  ~Ambassador Renate

"Peace through Iceality should be a main theme in out Life"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Iceality calls upon the different political, religious and cultural traditions to join hands and to cooperate with us"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“Sometimes Goodwill is best expressed through service. Words are wonderful, but when you act through Iceality, your commitment to Peace will contain much more than just words"  ~Ambassador Renate"We will favor Peace and Iceality by countering the tendencies of individuals and communities to assume or even to teach that they are inherently superior to others"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“Iceality has brought peace back into the home/family..........where it belongs"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"We must cultivate an Iceality of Peace  which manifests itself into action"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Iceality is the source of helpful sustainable energy"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Iceality will promote dialogue and harmony between and within Religions, Politics and Cultures and Nations"  ~Ambassador Renate  

"To support the iceality of peace, one must have an ulterior motive. Even Mother Teresa had a motive her good works...She wanted to have a (purpose) reason for her Life"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"ICEALITY' is the ultimate form of Simplicity"
"Simplicity”is the ultimate form of Sustainability"  ~Ambassador Renate

“We must show the Worlds Children something about Peace and Iceality, not just tell them about it"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“If your mind is blinded with your worries and fears, your eyes cannot see the beauty of a peaceful world"  ~Ambassador Renate 

you create "peace" with:
your attitude
your behavior
your actions
it's all up to you!

“Don’t be afraid of using Iceality for change because it is always necessary for Peace"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“Peace through Iceality is not a mere feeling. It is a decision about how we will behave and treat All Living Things"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“We develop Peace when we focus on Iceality"  ~Ambassador Renate

“Iceality never fails, Peace is seen in how we treat All Living Things"  ~Ambassador Renate 

“You don't have to wait to feel like showing others Peace—you can do it anytime!"  ~Ambassador Renate 
“The Iceality of Peace is what we all have in common"  ~Ambassador Renate

“Be the person who pours out Peace and Iceality  into the lives of people around you. You may discover how happier you are when you do
~Ambassador Renate

“One thing I learned in 30 years at ICEA is that some fundamental elements of Life, like Energy and Individual Rights, for examples, are universal and cannot be created or destroy, but only manipulated to be controlled. If you gain the Rights to something then consequently someone must lose their related Rights. A simple fact that is easy to learn but hard to practice"  ~Ambassador Renate

"Good things are in store when you understand the power of Iceality"  ~Ambassador Renate  

"The Peace industry is about serving the Worlds Children first and foremost, and hopefully Commerce $econd.” Ambassador Renate 

"It appears that hatred and ignorance is fueled by generations of the Worlds Children who are brainwashed with a few fanatical ideals that are extremely off course with Society's Common Sense Law on the Theory of Iceality ~
These people are victims of the wrong education and they truly believe that they are a good people who are trying to do the right thing and willing to use death as a tool for their noble cause"  ~Ambassador Renate

"Iceality is persistent in our Humanness"  ~Ambassador Renate

"There's no better time to be happy than now. Our life will be always full of challenges and unexpected. It is therefore better to admit it and to decide to be happy despite everything"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me and I'll understand......Building the National Coast-to-Coast 'Great American Peace Trail' to Stem the Violence in America's Youth and Unite America."  ~Ambassador Renate

"In every revolution, there is always one person with a vision"  ~Ambassador Renate   

"The art of healing comes from Nature.   Therefore the Healers must start from nature and Iceality with an open mind"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"You don’t have to live a life filled with hurt, anger, bitterness or resentment. You just have to make up your mind not to"  ~Ambassador Renate 
"....for displaying the imagination and ingenuity that has made the environmental peace movement what is is today"  ~Ambassador Renate 

" Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"The simplicity in your life is found in your dependence on the Theory of Iceality"  ~Ambassador Renate

"Until we're treating All the Worlds Children the way we want to be treated, we don't know enough about Peace"  ~Ambassador Renate 

"Enjoy where you are on the way to where you're going; but keep moving. Don't stop halfway to where you're going with God"  ~Ambassador Renate
Renate Jakupca

"Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace: ICEALITY"  ~Ambassador Renate    

"We can give to those who will give back to us. But we're more blessed when we give to those who cannot;  to neglect compassion is a mistake because it is the source of our own well-being"  ~Ambassador Renate 


“Doctor Abdul Jabbar (Baba) Brohi has been a major pioneer in the practical development and application of the WORLD PEACE DAILY program. Under his leadership the Pakistan World Peace Daily Site has grown to be a global example for others to follow!” ~Ambassador Renate
He has made a lifelong contribution in encouraging organizations, individuals, civic leaders and communities to use the principles of the Theory of Iceality to engage in diverse peace related activities and to engage in practical acts of peace building in Pakistan. Dr. Brohi continues to lead by example, other scholars who enhance the quality of international education in Pakistan."
~Ambassador Renate

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