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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN" 25th Year Retrospective of American Cultural Ambassadort and Environmental Artist David Jakupca

25th Year Retrospective of Environmental Artist David Jakupca 
November 7th through Dec 16th 2003 
Location:ICEA Special Exhibits Hall 
6909 Engle Rd., Suite 40, Middleburg Hts, Ohio 

Open Daily or by appointment 
For further information, please contact: Renate Jakupca 440-891-8376 
or ICEA directly www.TheICEA.com
Throughout history, various movements in Art have taken place:

Impressionism, Modernism, Abstract Art, Photo-Realists to name a few. 
Recently Pop Art debuted in the 1960’s and now at the beginning of the 21st Century, a socially aware artist with a vision is making a difference in art history.
The pioneer artist of this new form of art, David Jakupca, calls this type of 
expression "Environmental Art" and is universally acknowledged as 
the "Father of the Environmental Art" movement. 
He is also the founder of the: International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
and the "teheory of Iceality on Environmental Arts which is exclusively devoted 
to environmental and humanitarian concerns facing Mankind in the 21st Century. 

Art Critic and Editor, Priscilla Cinadr, has said in the Millennium Edition 
of WHO’S WHO that "....David’s art work is original, creative and inspiring 
though sometimes controversial."
In 1997 Environmental Art and (ICEA) was recognized by the National Endowment 
for the Arts for reaching a global audience at Habitit II in Istanbul, Turkey. 
In addition, David Jakupca has been nominated by Ohio Congressman Louis Stokes 
and Ms. lone Biggs for the 1997 National Medal of Arts Award in the 
category of Environmental Art. David and his wife, Renate, 
were U.S. Cultural Ambassadors to EXPO2000 the World Exposition 
held in Hannover, Germany in the year 2000.
ENDANGERED SPACES - A lifelong commitment to Lake Erie started in 1980 
focusing on the disappearing shoreline to commercial development.  Whiskey Island is 
highlighted with original paintings, sculpture, photographs and handmade book 
- Reflections on Whiskey Island. 

Encouraging and recognizing the creative accomplishments
of Ohio’s native Sons and daughters, the Ohioana Library in
Columbus, Ohio is creating the most complete public record
of David Jakupca and the Environmental Art Movement; maintaining
and preserving a permanent record and disseminating information
so future generations can enjoy and learn from. 

As part of the 2003 Ohio State Bicentennial Celebration, 
The ARK In Berea, Ohio was registered as on Official Historical Landmark.