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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gothic Revival - The Historic ARK in Berea

"The place that is impressive is the iconic ARK in Berea, where the Jakupca's live and where they invited me to party's and to view their lives in action. David created this sustainable future showplace for the couturiers that caused a sensation when it debuted. In 1994 it appeared on the cover of the Plain Dealers HOME MAGAZINE, the areas prestigious journal."
"It was boule de neige - and it snowballed from there."  It was all new what the Jakupca's were doing then.....and what they still do." David is very innovative. Because of his style, he did things in the ARK in Berea that were truly workable long before anybody else did. He used recycled materials when they were not fashionable then, he turned the wasteful grassy front yard into a productive food bearing garden. He was very ahead of his time. "The Jakupca taste is not for everyone. The Jakupca's are only interested in their taste: they are sure of what they want and what they have is the best - not just commercially made objects but genuine Art...the ARK in Berea is probably the only place in the world that has Egg & Cove molding made with real eggs!
Today, internationally, many of the new robber barons try to emulate the Jakupca Look in their houses. A Big Mistake. Today, everyone wants to be green and earth friendly. Only the Jakupca's can do Jakupca's Style... and it looks ridiculous when others try to do it, especially in modern their prefab gated communities.  Attempts to copy this look entails a lot of 'cheating' without the necessary courage of originality...it is awful. But that is was makes the ARK in Berea unique.  Written by Eugene Schiopota

"ARK in Berea"
The historic museum of 
American Cultural Ambassadors
David and Renate Jakupca.
Home of the Global Environmental Art Movement

LINKS on the WEB:
The Beginning of Greater Cleveland's Sustainable Movement can be traced to a rustic community fire pit at the ARK in Berea, Ohio.

The Living Green Walls at the ARK in Berea

Berea Artist's Yard a Work of Art

Yard Work and the ARK in Berea - ICEAlity as viewed from Heaven.


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