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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Time We Have Left...

The Time We Have Left .......

Quite a while ago, in our Hippie Days, Carly Simon had a hit song called “Anticipation,” which included a line about spending time “chasin” after some brighter day.”  Looking forward to an occasion in the New Year can provide a lot of pleasure.  Not only do you expect that approaching time to be wonderful, but you can add to your enjoyment by counting down the days until it arrives.  Whether it’s Easter, next summer’s tropical vacation, or just next forever Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all the Worlds Children, you just know that when that day comes, it will be glorious!  Sometimes it is! (And, as we all know, sometimes it isn’t)  But, hey, in any case, there’s no denying that anticipation affords us pleasure that spills over into the present.  That’s a good thing!

Let’s switch gears.  How many songs can you think of with lyrics about the past—remembering good times, regretting sad times?  Just off the top of my head I can mention Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” or Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were.”  Looking back allows us to re-experience past events to whatever extent we wish.  From the vantage point of experience, we can mentally experiment with what “might have been” or just enjoy the echo of “Days of Future Past”.  For me Pleasure comes from being in the moment and enjoying your immediate circumstances. Purpose is about fulfilling our longer term vision for life and goals. Happiness comes from finding that mix between the two. There is no simple answer, however if we tip too far one way or the other we can lose our happiness.

But what about fully enjoying the very moment we are currently experiencing—right now at Christmas Time in 2014?  Let’s all resolve to do that!  I’m currently challenging myself to enjoy this day—every day—not tomorrow, last Wednesday, or next year - there is no other life but this and now.  How about you?  No matter at what stage of life we find ourselves, there is still a wealth of opportunities for growth, for reinvention, for connection in Iceality.  From now on, let’s expend the bulk of our energy on the day we have to live right now.  Adopt the “glass of Hope is half full” (not half empty) attitude—and drink it dry!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with Iceality,
Ambassador Renate
David Jakupca
American Cultural Ambassadors

"The Time We Have Left"
Ambassador Renate

Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM)

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