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Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrities use Their Talents to Help Out for Earth Day in Unique Ways

Celebrities are doing their part to help the planet for Earth Day in a lot of different creative ways. Here's a look at who is celebrating going green and how they're helping out:

Pharrell Williams
Rapper Pharrell has teamed up with the beauty store Kiehl's to create an "Eco-Tote" bag made with Bionic Yarn, a futuristic-sounding material composed of recycled plastic bottles. Customers that recycle their empty product containers at local Kiehl's stores from now through June will receive one of the complimentary Eco-Totes.
Chloe Sevigny and Michael C. Hall
"Big Love" star Chloe and "Dexter" star Michael are also teaming up with Kiehl's to help the environment in a big way for Earth Day. The actor and actress have lent their images to special packages of the brand's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, and a whopping 100 percent of the proceeds of the sale of the product will be donated to Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization that fights to keep water clean around the world.
Samuel L. Jackson and Jordin Sparks
Jackson will be lending his very distinctive voice to the upcoming movie "African Cats," which hits theaters on Earth Day (April 22). But parents don't worry -- he won't be using his favorite word while narrating the movie (although it would be rather funny to hear him use "Snakes on a Plane"-esque dialogue in his latest movie starring animals). "African Cats" follows the real-life stories of lions and cheetahs living on the African Savanna, and the movie also features the voice of "American Idol" star Sparks as she sings its anthem, "The World I Knew." In honor of Earth Day, Disneynature will donate portions of the proceeds from the first week of ticket sales to the African Wildlife Foundation, an organization working to protect the savanna where big cats like those in the movie live. It's a great cause, but hopefully Morgan Freeman's narration job isn't endangered with Jackson giving it a go here!
Daryl Hannah
The lovely star of movies like "Blade Runner" and "Kill Bill" will make an appearance at GreenFest in San Diego, where she will get down and dirty to talk environmental activism. In the past the actress has been arrested for fighting for various causes, including protesting coal mining. GreenFest is a week-long event held in honor of Earth Day that promotes environmental awareness while also providing fun and entertainment for the families that attend. Hannah will also be attending a similar Earth Day festival in Santa Barbara, where last year's winner of the event's Environmental Hero award, director James Cameron, will bestow the honor upon her.
Martha Stewart, Tori Spelling and Andy Cohen
Clothing designer Lauren Bush and these three celebrities judged a very cool Earth Day contest sponsored by NBCUniversal and Etsy. For the Art of Reuse competition, contestants designed products by reusing old ones. The winning designs were a messenger bag fashioned from old firefighter coats and a funky flower brooch made from old zippers (who said going green can't be glamorous?).
Ambassador David and Renate Jakupca
At the historic ARK in Berea, Ambassador Renate has focused on providing local Cleveland Children organizations with supplies to clean up the area ravaged by winter storms and also was a organizer for ICEALITY at a Global Youth Day Event at Coe Lake Park to beautify the Worlds Children Peace Monument. EARTH DAY is also the start of ICEA's 2011 Childrens Art and Essay Contest for COASTWEEKS
Ellen Page
The traveling Whole Foods Market "Do Something Reel Film Festival" features six different movies that focus on food and the environment, and one of them features a pretty big star in actress Page. Ellen will take a page from Samuel L. to narrate "Vanishing of the Bees," which focuses on the real-life mystery of why the important pollinators are suddenly starting to disappear from our planet. Part of the proceeds from the festival will go toward a grant that will encourage more filmmakers to make "green" movies. Whole Foods will also be streaming the documentary "Dig It," which stars the band Pearl Jam planting trees and beautifying cities, on Earth Day (it can be seen on April 22 at dosomethingreel.com).

Of course celebrities like aren't the only ones with the ability to help the planet on Earth Day, so be sure to your part to help make the planet a better place!

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