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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Message of "PEACE" carved in stone going to the Children of Seven Hills

ARK in Berea: The first Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) Peace Stone of the 2010 peace season was unveiled this Memorial Day at the ARK in Berea. Dubbed the Seven Hills Peace Stone, it will be erected in Seven Hills, Ohio by Mayor David Bentkowski later this summer.

Ambassador Renate said "I am enthusiastic as ever about working with Mayor Bentkowski because of the way he has helped his city, but beyond the overall economic impact, he is most fervent about the power of the arts to awaken children's creativity. This works well with International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) WCPM goal which aims to make iceality, arts and culture a major component of neighborhood revitalization and urban renewal nationwide. As the WCPM program gains support it will involve many other federal agencies and public and private collaborations".

The Seven Hills Peace Stone still needs the 'special touch of a child' to be completed. This touch will be indelibly made in the lower right part of the stone.

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