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Sunday, March 2, 2008



Is the history of the civil war between the people and special interest groups. It chronicles for posterity the hostile takeover of the Greater Cleveland non-profit sector, particularly highlighting the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA).  It also describes the deteriorating situation for human and environmental rights activists concerned in the Greater Cleveland Area.  Calling the situation very alarming, it expresses the hope that efforts on behalf of the public society will stop repression of protests and activists and denounces the attempt to prevent human defenders of Iceality from exercising their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, association, and expression, as well as the right to form and maintain an organization.   This information was requested by Investigators following up a fraud inquiry.
What is at stake besides money? The Science Behind Global Peace and Harmony:
The "Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts" is the practical study on the aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things ~ Human, Plant and Animal Kingdoms!   The incorporation of the rights of flora and fauna in a "Universal Peace Equation" is the first major change in achieving a sustainable global Culture Peace on Earth in over 2000 Years.
Divide and Conquer for Control to Exploit "Internecine Matrix"
What happens when corporate big business sets up bogus shops using SIN TAX Dollars for charity and undercuts legitimate non-profits that have been serving the townsfolk for generations? Answer: You’re once booming community begins to host more and more boarded up/white washed store fronts and forcing your workforce into welfare while shutting down necessary community services.
This is not true ‘charity’.   What we have here is ‘complicity’.

"The Environmental Art Movement in Cleveland is still largely in danger of failing, thanks to the people who 'drive the economy' by doing imaginary and fraudulent things. There is nothing original taking place there.  What they have, they bought or stole, and there just isn’t much money left to spare for the people who do original work anymore.  'DIVIDE & CONQUER >  CONTROL to EXPLOIT: These are the Ways of  appealing to the People if you are trying to organize a mass base of corruption for policies that are really intended to
crush them in the end".

 In this atmosphere of aggressive  political and public repression, ICEA and its colleagues continue to breathe new life into a broad spectrum of parties and movements, creating a dialogue between different political and public forces, and to give citizens real peace of mind with knowledge about how to defend their honor, dignity and rights in this city.

These organizations need to
consolidate its different components
under Iceality to remain an
effect global force.
“We were deceived, betrayed, and cheated by some of our own colleagues,” David Jakupca says. “Those people involved in this plot were nothing but hypocrites, liars and traitors and were waiting for the right moment to switch sides to whoever pays them the most at the expense of the Greater Cleveland Community.”

The Internecine Matrix concedes that the “Syndicate” had gained the upper hand by persuading ordinary people with their money to act as shills and charlatans, exploiting their greed to entice them into replacing legitimate protestors, activists and workers to do the Mafia’s chores.

In a direct reference to the Syndicate's brutal tactics, he said of the Syndicate and their Mafia allies: “The Syndicate and the Developers launched their campaigns against us and we found ourselves in a circle, not being able to move, organize or conduct operations in Cleveland.  The illegal sanctions imposed on us continue to this day.”

He said of the loss: “This created weakness and psychological defeat in Cleveland activists, and this also created panic, fear and the unwillingness to stand for what is Right. The morale of the community went down,  and  there was a total collapse in the security structure of the non-profit sector.”

“I'll tell you one thing that Cleveland History will document:   When the people stop caring and fighting for what they believe in and have built for themselves, it will be taken away from them.   In times of emergencies like this, we have to show unity of efforts that transcends boundaries and issues. "

What ICEA seeks first and foremost, is that twenty  year odd sanctions against the International Center for Environmental Arts by the Foundation Syndicate be removed immediately.  Secondly, a mandatory Arbitration Board be convened to mediate a reconciliation between Cuyahoga County Administration  / Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) and the International Center for Environmental Arts to check for fraud and to correct any balance sheet errors and mistakes that can have serious ramifications if not corrected.  A federal auditor who reviews both organizations' statements in accordance with federal regulations to find material errors, failure of controls, a material misstatement and/or material weaknesses. Without this accurate financial information, Cuyahoga County officers cannot make well-informed decisions on the Iceality of Arts and Culture so that the Sin Tax figures are in agreement.    

In 1999, Ambassador Renate Jakupca was awarded the Helen Prize for her efforts, primarily for opposing the development of the Lake Erie Shoreline and for playing a prominent role in ‘stimulating interest in international society’s reform.

Chief Wahoo People "PEOPLE NOT MASCOTS" designed by David Jakupca
The 'People Not Mascots' Logo is meant to be a Native American protest caricature of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. It was originally painted by David Jakupca of the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA), it has drawn criticism from some sportswriters, fans and local businessmen, but gained immediate acceptance among humanitarian, religious groups and Native Americans. It gained international popular attention when it was it exhibited by ICEA at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna, Austria and has become one of the most recognized anti-racists logo's in existence.
It also caused repercussions for the groups connected with the logo and this has been documented in the INTERNECINE MATRIX :


Not Your Mascots

The Curse of Chief Wahoo

Newest Michigan museum showcases Racist Artifacts

Injunuity is a reflection on the Native American world, our shared past and our undiscovered future.

World Conference on Human Rights, 14-25 June 1993, Vienna, Austria

A part America's and the City of Cleveland's history.

Cleveland's Eco-$yndicate Environmentalism in the Service of $pecial Interests

THE GODFATHERS/TRUSTEES, this elite small group of private people
control and set policy for Cleveland's environmental scene and are the Power Centers for the Eco-Syndicate.

THE LIEUTENANTS/ FOUNDATIONS. this public group sets the policies in motion, handles the money and protects the Godfathers/Trustees from the
public scrutiny.

THE SOLDIERS/ COALITIONS, PARTNERSHIPS, these groups initially formed and primarily financed by the foundations form the core of Cleveland's Eco-Syndicate. These special interest groups' public and hidden "agenda" is dictated by funds they receive from the foundations. By surrounding themselves with legitimate concerned citizens, they are able to have a degree of respectability. However, by investing, advertising and
promoting and intimidation and discrimination, they have created a
monopoly to carry out the political, ideological and methodological interests of the Power Centers in a city that claims to be democratic.

The GREEN MAFIA dates to the early 1990s and was directly responsible for the money to pave the way for the Clevelands ECO-YNDICATE. Green
Building Coalition, Eco-City Cleveland, Sustainable Communities, Earth Day Coalition, Community Arts Partnership Plan are all related and connected and have all power to implement policy and affect environmental regulations for BIG BUSINESS while the Green Mafia is a protected private group that can set the corporate and political agenda.

Within days of this first being published , David Bergholz of the Gund Foundation and Steve Minter of the Cleveland Foundation were fired, but subsequently rehired later in different capacities.
National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media

Chief Wahoo; The Curse of Cleveland
http://theragblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/sport-chief-wahoo-curse-of-cleveland.htmlReal Cleveland Indians
Real Cleveland Indians

Unitarian Universalist Associationhttp://archive.uua.org/ga/ga01/vigil.html

Letter to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA)

Chief Wahoo / "People not Mascots" Logo

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Renate Jakupca said...

Breaking News:
Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Cleveland Indians Changing Official Primary Logo to Block C http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2014/01/08/cleveland-indians-changing-official-primary-logo-to-block-c

Tracy Adams Kerr said...

Thanks for posting. You ICEA Activists are very determined and good for sticking up for your rights. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Richardson and Abbot and their ilk are like their predecessors. Shils pushing political agendas for the Syndicate are prostitutes.
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Jeff Anderle said...

"In a survey by Indian Country Today, 81 percent of respondents indicated use of American Indian names, symbols and mascots are predominantly offensive and deeply disparaging to Native Americans.

"Indian mascots, by today's standards, would be offensive to any other race if portrayed in a similar manner," wrote Fred Blue Fox, Sicangu Lakota. "Indian peoples are no different in regarding the depiction of eagle feathers, face paints and war objects such as tomahawks. These are all sacred to the people and therefore have no place in any sort of public display, let alone mascots."

Only 10 percent of respondents indicated use of American Indian mascots is a respectful gesture and predominantly honors Natives. Nine percent of respondents did not know if American Indian mascots either honored or offended Natives.

Mark Thornton, Cherokee, taking a position within the minority viewpoint, wrote, "It is my opinion that mascot and other uses of Native American tribe names, terms, etc ? causes the world to acknowledge and respect us. The use of these Native American names for our weapons systems, mascots, and products brings honor and recognition to Native Americans."

Seventy-five percent of respondents also believe use of American Indian names, symbols and mascots at non-Indian schools, colleges and universities should be in violation of anti-discrimination laws.

"It should be recognized there was a time when Black Americans were put through the same treatment as we face today," wrote Dan Townsend, Ojibway and Odawa. "However, their revolts toward society led to laws that forbid discrimination towards them, and opened a door to shine a light on Amerindians and Hispanics."

Twenty percent of respondents indicated that the use of American Indian mascots at non-Indian schools is not in violation of anti-discrimination laws while 5 percent did not know.

Seventy-three percent of respondents also indicated that American Indian mascots create a "hostile educational environment" for Native American students. Seventeen percent indicated that it did not create a "hostile educational environment" while 10 percent did not know.

Dan Webster, Seneca, commented, "I believe that as long as Native names, symbols, etc ? are used, the school should avoid using them in a non-stereotypical manner and should also get permission and/or advice in the use of the symbols of the tribes involved. As long as the school follows these basic guidelines, I don't think it would create a hostile educational environment for Native students."

Kent Nerburn said...

“A white man and an elderly Native man became pretty good friends, so the white guy decided to ask him: “What do you think about Indian mascots?” The Native elder responded, “Here’s what you’ve got to understand. When you look at black people, you see ghosts of all the slavery and the rapes and the hangings and the chains. When you look at Jews, you see ghosts of all those bodies piled up in death camps. And those ghosts keep you trying to do the right thing. “But when you look at us you don’t see the ghosts of the little babies with their heads smashed in by rifle butts at the Big Hole, or the old folks dying by the side of the trail on the way to Oklahoma while their families cried and tried to make them comfortable, or the dead mothers at Wounded Knee or the little kids at Sand Creek who were shot for target practice. You don’t see any ghosts at all. “Instead you see casinos and drunks and junk cars and shacks. “Well, we see those ghosts. And they make our hearts sad and they hurt our little children. And when we try to say something, you tell us, ‘Get over it. This is America. Look at the American dream.’ But as long as you’re calling us Redskins and doing tomahawk chops, we can’t look at the American dream, because those things remind us that we are not real human beings to you. And when people aren’t humans, you can turn them into slaves or kill six million of them or shoot them down with Hotchkiss guns and throw them into mass graves at Wounded Knee. “No, we’re not looking at the American dream. And why should we? We still haven’t woken up from the American nightmare.”.
-- Native American perspective on the mascot issue; this is an excerpt from “Wolf at Twilight”

Jean Stanford said...

What I see as a repeating thought is, "that stuff was done a long time ago and we can't change it". The living conditions of folks on the Pine Ridge Rez in S. Dakota is equal to or worse than any in the U.S. Some stats put the poverty level, suicide rate high as any country, male life expectancy is 46-48 yrs old. This is today, folks. Elderly are dying in their non-insulated homes right now. Today. The worst of the worst is that the state of South Dakota is stealing children from their homes and putting them in gov't run foster care to bring money into the state. Is there anyone here who would believe this isn't immoral, illegal, and needs to stop now.
Once again, I ask you, tell us what we can do. It's not about Chief Wahoo but he is bringing awareness. Here's a link to an NPR story listing ways we can help. Children being used as pawns in a money making scheme is child abuse to the max. Out in the open. Are we going to let it continue?

Rescuing the Lakota Children: The Lakota People's Law Project Responds to NPR Story with Three Ways You Can Help

Paul Lukas said...

Excellent story on the controversy surrounding Chief Wahoo. Lots of nuanced discussion on the issue and some great reporting — highly recommended reading.

Cynthia Downs said...

"Hot website."